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The Coalition of Regional Sexual Assault Centres was formed in 2023 with the purpose of helping our member agencies unite and collaborate in their efforts to combat sexualized violence.

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CRSAC is a provincial non-profit umbrella organization of sexual assault centres in Saskatchewan that supports the centres in effectively meeting shared missions, goals, and strategic priorities.



We believe that by utilizing the expansive expertise of member sexual assault centres, we can create collaborative partnerships to:

  • Identify opportunities, issues, service gaps, and programming initiatives that address the needs of individuals and organizations impacted by sexualized violence; and

  • Improve each agency’s capacity to serve survivors of sexualized violence within their communities.

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Coalition of Regional Sexual Assault Centres (Saskatchewan) will undertake the following areas of work, under the direction of, and in collaboration with, its members:

  1. Identify and articulate the needs of survivors of sexualized violence in Saskatchewan and work with government, community agencies, professionals, and other provincial partners to improve services and systemic responses to sexualized violence.

  2. Increase public awareness of the existence of sexual assault centres in Saskatchewan and their services. 

  3. Develop public awareness/education material and/or campaigns that can be delivered provincially or utilized by our member agencies in meeting their shared public education goals.

  4. Enhance organizational capacity and excellence in operation and governance of our member agencies by developing and sharing existing information, resources, programs, policies, and operational structures so that each agency can focus their resources on the delivery of direct services and local work in each of their communities. 

  5. Develop, plan, and undertake projects on a provincial level with government agencies, professional organizations, and provincial agencies who are working to improve services for survivors of sexualized violence and systemic responses to sexualized violence.

  6. Present position statements on issues related to sexualized violence in Saskatchewan, with intention to make the agency available to work with others in addressing those issues.

  7. Represent sexual assault centres in Saskatchewan with respect to work being undertaken nationally related to sexualized violence in Canada.


What We Are Not

We are an umbrella organization that works to support our members. In doing this work, we are not:

  • A governing body that directs the goals, priorities, or work of our member centres;

  • A provincial funding hub for government funding agreements that disperses funding to our members;

  • An agency that engages in direct services provision. The member centres are the experts in sexualized violence and therefore more appropriately suited to deliver these services. CRSAC will only provide educational services when hosting a provincial education event at the direction of the Members; and

  • An agency that engages in fundraising on its own behalf. CRSAC will seek provincial funding under agreements and grant funding only when it does not conflict with the ability of the member agencies to receive grant funding from the same source. 

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Our Members

Our member agencies are leaders in addressing and preventing sexualized violence in Saskatchewan, and supporting survivors of sexualized violence and their loved ones.



Our Board of Directors is made up of representatives from each of our member agencies, as well as our Executive Director, Faye Davis. 

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Funders & Donors

Thank-you to the Status of Women Office for providing CRSAC for project funding, as well as Community Safety and Wellbeing, Ministry of Justice for providing dollars for operational work, including bringing CRSAC to life.

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